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QuickRef® Orthopaedic Procedures Atlas

This is an eBook. The QuickRef® Orthopaedic Procedures Atlas is available exclusively as an AAOS eBook.

Availability: This is an eBook.

Area of Focus: General Orthopaedics and Resident Information

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This new first-of-its kind e-resource gives you essential fundamental knowledge and practical techniques that all orthopaedic surgeons should know across the specialties.

All 107 procedures from the original Atlas of Essential Orthopaedic Procedures text are summarized and rewritten in a quick-read bullet format with selected images. Each procedure includes the management of each condition in an easy-to-follow format that begins with patient selection, walks through a description of the procedure, and concludes with the author's surgical pearls.

This QuickRef® Orthopaedic Procedures Atlas includes 13 selected streaming videos from the original title.The QuickRef® Orthopaedic Procedures Atlas is available for separate purchase, but is included with the individual purchase of the original Atlas of Essential Orthopaedic Procedures text.

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