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Orthopaedic Basic Science: Foundations of Clinical Practice, Fourth Edition

Regis O'Keefe, MD, PhD; Joshua J. Jacobs, MD; Constance R. Chu, MD; and Thomas A. Einhorn, MD

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Image of Product: Orthopaedic Basic Science: Foundations of Clinical Practice, Fourth Edition

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  • 2013, Softbound, 544 pages

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Editors: Regis J. OKeefe, MD, PhD; Joshua J. Jacobs, MD; Constance R. Chu, MD; Thomas A. Einhorn, MD

Section 1: Basic Principles of Orthopaedic Surgery, Editor: Regis J. OKeefe, MD, PhD

Chapter 1

Molecular and Cell Biology in Orthopaedics

Francis Y. Lee, MD; M. Hicham Drissi, PhD; Michael J. Zuscik, PhD; Saqib Nizami, BS; Hana Goto, BSc, MSc

Chapter 2

Genetic Disease in Orthopaedics

P. Christopher Cook, MD, FRCSC; James O. Sanders, MD

Chapter 3

Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Tissues

Jason P. Caffrey, BS; Robert L Sah, MD, ScD

Chapter 4

Biomaterials in Orthopaedic Practice

Kenneth A. Mann, PhD; Matthew J. Allen, VetMB, PhD

Chapter 5

Principles of Tissue Engineering in Orthopaedics

Tamim Diab, PhD; Nick J. Willett, PhD; Robert E. Guldberg, PhD

Chapter 6

Basic Science of Immunology in Orthopaedics

Kofi A. Mensah, MD, PhD; Regis J. OKeefe, MD, PhD

Section 2: Physiology of Musculoskeletal Tissues, Editor: Joshua J. Jacobs, MD

Chapter 7

Thromboembolic Disease and Fat Embolism Syndrome

Vincent D. Pellegrini Jr, MD

Chapter 8

The Development and Growth of the Skeleton

Maurizio Pacifici, PhD

Chapter 9

Form and Function of Bone

Oran D. Kennedy, PhD; Robert J. Majeska, PhD; Mitchell B. Schaffler, PhD

Chapter 10

Form and Function of Articular Cartilage

Susan Chubinskaya, PhD; Anne-Marie Malfait, MD, PhD; Markus A. Wimmer, PhD

Chapter 11

Form and Function of the Knee Meniscus

Johannah Sanchez-Adams, PhD; Farshid Guilak, PhD

Chapter 12

Form and Function of Tendon and Ligament

Katherine E. Reuther, BS; Chancellor F. Gray, MD; Louis J. Soslowsky, PhD

Chapter 13

Form and Function of Skeletal Muscle

Adam Wright, MD; Burhan Gharaibeh, PhD; Johnny Huard, PhD

Chapter 14

Peripheral Nerves: Form and Function

Wesley M. Jackson, PhD; Edward Diao, MD

Chapter 15

Form and Function of the Intervertebral Disk

Isaac L. Moss, MD, MASc, FRCSC; Howard S. An, MD

Chapter 16

Kinesiology of the Knee Joint

Jing-Sheng Li, MS; Ali Hosseini, PhD; Hemanth Reddy Gadikota, MS; Guoan Li, PhD

Section 3: Basic Principles and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disease, Editor: Constance R. Chu, MD

Chapter 17

Bone Biology and Engineering

Jennifer Westendorf, PhD; Lichun Lu, PhD; Michael J. Yaszemski, MD, PhD

Chapter 18

Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis

Constance R. Chu, MD

Chapter 19

Articular Cartilage Repair and Regeneration

Rocky S. Tuan, PhD; Robert L. Mauck, PhD

Chapter 20

Tendinopathy and Tendon Repair

Stavros Thomopoulos, PhD; Peter C. Amadio, MD; Chunfeng Zhao, MD; Richard H. Gelberman, MD

Chapter 21

The Biologic Response to Orthopaedic Implants

Stuart B. Goodman, MD, PhD

Chapter 22

Metabolic Bone Disease

Susan V. Bukata, MD; Wakenda K. Tyler, MD, MPH

Chapter 23

Neuromuscular Diseases

Mary Ann. Keenan, MD

Chapter 24

Molecular Pathophysiology of Musculoskeletal Tumors

Francis Y. Lee, MD; Sung Wook Seo, MD, PhD; Han-Soo Kim, MD, PhD

Chapter 25

Orthopaedic Infection

James Cashman, MD; Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS

Section 4: Clinical Science, Editor: Thomas A. Einhorn, MD

Chapter 26

Evidence-Based Medicine: A Practical Guide for Orthopaedic Surgeons

Suneel B. Bhat MD, MPhil; Mohit Bhandari, MD, MSc; Richard C. Mather III, MD; Samir Mehta, MD

Chapter 27

The Design of Clinical Investigations: Randomized, Cohort, and Case Studies

Charles L. Cox, MD, MPH; Kurt P. Spindler, MD

Chapter 28

Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses

Reza Firoozabadi, MD; Saam Morshed, MD, PhD, MPH

Chapter 29

Fundamentals of Cost-Effectiveness Research

David Shearer, MD, MPH; Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA

Chapter 30

The Scientific Foundations of Clinical Practice Guidelines

Charles M. Turkelson, PhD; Kristy Weber, MD

Chapter 31

Detection of Bias in Clinical Research

Andrew H. Schmidt, MD; Seth S. Leopold, MD; Steven D. Stovitz, MD, MS

Chapter 32

Decision Analysis

Julius Bishop, MD; Mininder S. Kocher, MD, MPH

Chapter 33

Biostatistics in Clinical Research

Elena Losina, PhD, MSc; William Reichmann, MA; Jeffrey N. Katz, MD, MSc

Chapter 34

Ethical Considerations in Clinical Research

James D. Capozzi, MD; Rosamond Rhodes, PhD