Board of Specialty Societies (BOS)

BOS Representatives

The BOS is composed of 22 musculoskeletal specialty societies. Each society may appoint up to six representatives. One representative must be within the society’s presidential line. A representative's term is three years and may be reappointed for one additional term.

Brian D Adams, MD
   AAHS Communications Representative

Stephen A Albanese, MD
   POSNA Health Policy Representative

Mark Anderson
   ASSH Executive Director Representative

Robert A Arciero, MD
   AOSSM Presidential Line Representative

Champ Baker, III MD
   AOSSM Education Representative

Keith D Baldwin, MD
   ORA Health Policy Representative

William R Beach, MD
   AANA Presidential Line Representative

Michael S Bednar, MD
   AAHS Education Representative

Keith R Berend, MD
   Knee Education Representative

R Dale Blasier, MD
   NASS Health Policy Representative

Eric Michael Bluman, MD, PhD
   AOFAS Communications Representative

Irvin Bomberger
   AOSSM Executive Director Representative

Mathias P G Bostrom, MD
   ORS Presidential Line Representative

Mathias P G Bostrom, MD
   ORS Education Representative

Martin I Boyer, MD
   ASSH Education Representative

Kathleen Caswell
   OTA Executive Director Representative

David R Chandler, MD
   NASS Research Representative

Kevin Chung, MD
   ASSH Research Representative

Henry D Clarke, MD
   Knee Communications Representative

Charles E Craven, Jr MD
   SOMOS Presidential Line Representative

Brett D Crist, MD
   OTA Research Representative

Michael David Daubs, MD
   SRS Health Policy Representative

Mark A Deitch, MD
   ASSH Communications Representative

John P Dormans, MD
   SRS Presidential Line Representative

Daryll C Dykes, MD, JD, PhD
   JRGOS Health Policy Representative

Saadiq F El-Amin, III MD
   JRGOS Research Representative

C Anderson Engh Jr, MD
   Hip Education Representative

Larry D Field, MD
   AANA Education Representative

Debbie Finch
   ORA Executive Director

Olga Foley
   Hip & Knee Executive Director Representative

Brenda A Frederick
   ORS Executive Director Representative

Charles Freitag
   SOMOS Executive Director Representative

Michelle A Ghert, MD, FRCSC
   MSTS Research Representative

Ed Goss
   AANA Executive Director Representative

Tressa Goulding, CAE, CMP
   SRS Executive Director Representative

Andrew Green, MD
   ASES Health Policy Representative

Farshid Guilak, PhD
   ORS Research Representative

Michael H Haak, MD
   ASIA Presidential Line Representative

Michael H Haak, MD
   ASIA Education Representative

Melvyn Augustus Harrington, MD
   JRGOS Education Representative

Catherine G Hawthorne, MD
   ORA Education Representative

William L Hennrikus Jr, MD
   POSNA Communications Representative

Harish Sadanand Hosalkar, MD
   ORA Communications Representative

Harish Sadanand Hosalkar, MD
   ORA Presidential Line Representative

Joseph R Hsu
   LLRS Presidential Line Representative

Lesley Hudson, MA
   ASIA Executive Director Representative

Michael H Huo, MD
   Hip Communications Representative

Stephen J Incavo, MD
   AAHKS Communications Representative

Richard Iorio, MD
   AAHKS Health Policy Representative

Lori A Karol, MD
   POSNA Presidential Line Representative

James A Keeney, MD
   SOMOS Health Policy Representative

John D Kelly IV, MD
   AANA Communications Representative

Keith Kenter, MD
   AOSSM Health Policy Representative

John S Kirkpatrick, MD
   CSRS Education Representative

Amy L Ladd, MD
   RJOS Health Policy Representative

Robert F LaPrade, MD, PhD
   AOSSM Research Representative

Daniel Latt, MD, PhD
   AOFAS Research Representative

Carlos J Lavernia, MD
   Knee Health Policy Representative

Lance E LeClere, MD
   SOMOS Education Representative

Lousanne Zan Lofgren, CAE
   AOFAS Executive Director Representative

Baron Lonner, MD
   SRS Research Representative

Kevin William Louie, MD
   LLRS Health Policy Representative

William B Macaulay, MD
   Hip Health Policy Representative

Joel Mayerson, MD
   MSTS Health Policy Representative

Louis F McIntyre, MD
   AANA Health Policy Representative

R Alden Milam, IV MD
   CSRS Research Representative

Robert A Morgan, MD
   ASIA Research Representative

Carol D Morris, MD, MS
   MSTS Education Representative

Peter M Murray, MD
   AAHS Presidential Line Representative

Douglas Naudie, MD, FRCSC
   Knee Research Representative

Sarah Neece
   AAHS Executive Director Representative

Steven K Neufeld, MD
   AOFAS Health Policy Representative

Steven A Olson, MD
   OTA Presidential Line Representative

Robert F Ostrum, MD
   OTA Education Representative

Alexandra Elizabeth Page, MD
   RJOS Communications Representative

Steve A Petersen, MD
   ASES Education Representative

Benjamin Kyle Potter, MD
   SOMOS Research Representative

Robert H Quinn, MD
   MSTS Communications Representative

Anna Quintanilla
   ASES Executive Director Representative

Deena Rawlings
   MSTS, RJOS, JRGOS Society Manager

J Spence Reid, MD
   LLRS Communications Representative

Mark S Rekant, MD
   AAHS Health Policy Representative

Lee H Riley, III MD
   CSRS Communications Representative

David C Ring, MD
   AAHS Research Representative

Harry E Rubash, MD
   Hip Presidential Line Representative

David Simms Ruch, MD
   ASSH Presidential Line Representative

David Simms Ruch, MD
   ASSH Health Policy Representative

Khaled J Saleh, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS
   BOS representative to the Performance Measures Committee

Bruce J Sangeorzan, MD
   AOFAS Presidential Line Representative

Thomas P Sculco, MD
   Knee Presidential Line Representative

Ernest L Sink, MD
   POSNA Education Representative

Brian Snyder, MD, PhD
   POSNA Research Representative

Louis J Soslowsky, PhD
   ASES Research and Quality Representative

Scott M Sporer, MD
   Hip Research Representative

Robert A Stanton, MD
   AOSSM Communications Representative

Teri Stech
   POSNA Executive Director Representative

Dale R Sumner Jr, PhD
   ORS Communications Representative

Karen Syzdek
   LLRS Executive Director Representative

Lisa Taitsman, MD
   OTA Communications Representative

Richard Terek, MD
   MSTS Presidential Line Representative

Claudia L Thomas, MD
   JRGOS Communications Representative

Jonathan B Ticker, MD
   AANA Research Representative

Clifford B Tribus, MD
   SRS Communications Representative

Eeric Truumees, MD
   NASS Communications Representative

Angela A Wang, MD
   RJOS Education Committee Representative

Eleby R Washington, MD
   JRGOS Presidential Line Representative

Kristy L Weber, MD
   RJOS Presidential Line Representative

Mark Weidenbaum, MD
   SRS Education Representative

F Todd Wetzel, MD
   NASS Presidential Line Representative

Peggy Wlezien
   CSRS Executive Director Representative

Michael Zarski
   AAHKS Executive Director Representative