Diversity Advisory Board

Fostering diversity is one of the Academy's nine strategic goals designed to advance its mission of serving the profession, championing the interests of patients, and advancing the highest quality musculoskeletal health. To achieve this goal, the AAOS will work to:

  • understand and respond to the diversity of the patient population,
  • promote the delivery of culturally competent care, and
  • support efforts to diversify the profession and the orthopaedic work force

To deliver on these promises, the AAOS Diversity Advisory Board has been established to integrate the values of diversity throughout the Academy's activities, initiatives, and membership.

Mission: To educate our fellows on the impact of diversity and culturally competent care in their practice and society (and to promote the growth of diversity among orthopaedic surgeons).

Vision: Achieve excellence in musculoskeletal healthcare delivery through culturally competent care and a diverse orthopaedic profession.

Major Accomplishments and Programmatic Achievements of the AAOS Diversity Advisory Board

Medical student outreach and recruitment

  • Recruits medical students for the AAOS and Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society mentoring programs at the annual Student National Medical Association (SNMA) and Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) conferences
  • Attempts to recruit more Spanish-speaking medical students into orthopaedic surgery by advertising the AAOS mentoring program in the National Network of Latin American Medical Students (NNLAMS) resident guide
  • Works with J. Robert Gladden Orthopaedic Society and Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society to execute an advertising campaign to draw qualified medical students from diverse backgrounds into orthopaedic surgery; collaborates with these groups on medical student outreach and mentoring, and resident scholarship programs
  • Executes medical school textbook Musculoskeletal Medicine distribution program to two medical schools, including Howard University and Morehouse College
  • Created the “Follow your Path” recruitment video for distribution to medical schools and medical student organizations
  • Executes a biennial demographic census of orthopaedic residents to identify trends in the diversification of the orthopaedic profession

Culturally Competent Care (CCC) education initiatives

  • Provides the Culturally Competent Care Guidebook (with Tip Sheets) and the online interactive Cultural Competency Challenge, featuring 18+ patient cases—offering 6 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits and available to AAOS members for free at www.aaos.org/ccc
  • Integrates CCC with the Communication Skills Workshop Program, providing course attendees with access to online CCC materials to supplement their workshop experience
  • Facilitates the Residency Program Tour that takes cultural competency education “on the road” to residents in a grand rounds format
  • Presents diversity- and culturally competent care-based ICLs and symposia at the AAOS Annual Meeting
  • Developed and released six audio segments for the “Life, Love, and Health” radio program; segments will play in Wal-mart locations across the U.S. and on satellite radio.
  • Implemented a media tour to promote the importance and benefits of Cultural Competent Care for physicians and patients in five key states and Washington D.C.

Permeation of diversity throughout AAOS and orthopaedics

  • Honors individuals’ achievements in promoting diversity within the orthopaedic profession and the practice of culturally competent patient care through the bestowment of the annual AAOS Diversity Award
  • Reviews and provides input on all Academy business plans prior to Finance Committee review to ensure values of diversity and/or healthcare disparities issues were addressed, if appropriate
  • Maintains extensive editorial calendar for diversity-related articles in AAOS Now to keep the membership informed and engaged
  • Maintains diversity section of AAOS website to bring resources and news of diversity, CCC, recruitment, and disparities to members, residents, and medical students
  • Develops diversity- and CCC-related questions for OITE and OSAE examinations.